Recruitment Services in the Philippines

When you get your business involved in staffing Filipino workers, understanding how a recruitment agency will help you can be substantially beneficial.

Agencies serve as a middleman between companies and applicants. Their job is to find qualified workers that your company needs.

Is it a good idea to work with a recruitment agency?

That question might have surrounded your head as an employer. But in today’s highly-competitive market, spotting candidates of great potential for your company will be quite hard. Working with a reliable and principled agency will be your best option.

Hiring a recruitment agency in the Philippines is a strategic way for New Zealand employers to find exceptional job candidates for their company demands.

So if you are a New Zealander who runs a business and is planning to recruit Filipino workers, don’t be intimidated by the process. You can have a choice of making things easier when you work with a recruitment agency. Just make sure to choose an agency licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA.

Reliable Recruitment Agency in the Philippines

Here at Fil-HR, we know that handling a business can be very intricate. And when you add this process of recruitment in the picture, it might be a struggle to handle things on your own. That’s why we make sure to save you time while we help improve the quality of your hire when you choose to work with us.

We are a group of professionals who recruit for a living which can get you the best candidates for a short period. Saving your company from the time-consuming process!

We also guarantee security in new hire retention. We make sure that the worker will stay at your company based on the amount of time agreed on the contract. This is the most important advantage of working with recruitment agencies instead of in-house recruiters.

But, you might ask. How can we make the recruitment process easier?

Let’s discuss the services we offer for you!

Our Services

Talent Sourcing

We use Talent Sourcing for finding and converting individuals into an applicant with great talent that will suit your working demand. In this step, we work with employers like you as we create a perfect profile that will best suit the job. This will help us know which candidates we should reach out to. This will also help us create a vision of what you want the quality of your hire to be.

We guarantee to examine the resumes of potential candidates. Making sure to work closely with you so that we can remain in sharing the vision of the perfect Filipino worker you are looking for.

Talent Sourcing is just the beginning of the recruitment process.



Now that we discussed that Sourcing is just the first part of the Recruitment Process. We will absolutely help you with the actual recruiting of workers.

Here, we start doing the actual work of reaching out to applicants, reviewing them and walking them through the entire process. This also includes us posting openings on job boards and other considerable channels. In searching for candidates we don’t limit ourselves in just one channel or medium. We make use of social and professional networks to widen our search to reach more people.

Once we gathered all the best and active candidates, we will send the best ones to you. Making sure that they are the perfect fit for your working environment.

We will act as a messenger between you and the qualified applicant. Since sourcing and recruiting comes hand in hand, you can depend on our team in Fil-HR to fulfill both of those roles for you.


Pre-Employment or Screening is one of the services we do for our clients. This is greatly beneficial in helping to select the best applicants for the jobs. Candidates will face pre-employment tests that will measure various aspects of their mental and physical capacity, including the workability, cognitive skills, motor ability, and knowledge. This also involves their language proficiency to prevent communication problems later on.

This part of the process can easily cut down the list of candidates, excluding the applicants who won’t fit the job position. Creating a pool of applicants that are much closer to the job requirements.

Pre-Employment tests are necessary for preventing turnovers. It can also save time and cost in your hire retention.



Our team at Fil-HR Manpower offers great assistance through the requirements and registration process of your company.

We don’t only assist you in getting the best Filipino workers because we know that being a Foreign Employer is more than just that.

We inform you of all the papers that need to be submitted and help you prepare them. Since the Philippine government requires specific documents for you to be accredited as a Foreign Employer. We will make sure to assist you through the entire process.

Working with us will not only mean having a connection but also a relationship. This matters to us because having open communication with our client is important.

Make Recruitment Easy with Fil-HR Manpower

Fil-HR Manpower Services & Development, Inc. stands by its principle in bringing honest and quality service to both Employers and Jobseekers. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can rely your trust on us and we can guarantee to not disappoint you.

Are you a New Zealand employer ready to recruit Filipino workers? We will be glad to offer you our services!

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